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Once you have completed our advertising form and created an account you can upload as many photos as you like. Images should not exceed 800 pixel (longest side and not bigger than 3 MB).

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Please ensure that the information you provide is always accurate and truthful – that way, neither your reputation nor ours will suffer. Before you publish your written details via the VenusDates-Administration, please check the spelling.

Please ensure that the photos you send us are always accurate and truthful. We view every photo and we reserve the right to decline pictures or applications, or in the case of images which have been rendered unidentifiable, to request the originals.

You should only upload pictures to which you have copyright. Uploading pictures that belong to someone else and where no consent has been given is in breach of copyright law and renders you liable to prosecution! It is forbidden to upload pornography or to glorify political extremist ideals or violence of any kind.

Picture quality
Please bear in mind that the pictures you place online are your calling card. The better and more authentic the pictures, the more successful you will be. Furthermore we reserve the right to decline pictures. If you need to find a photographer, we would be happy to assist.

Please do not advertise with us, if you are the owner of an escort agency. We reserve the right, in such a case, to delete your announcement without refund of costs.

Short rate penalty
Please notice that we do no repayments by short rate penalty.